Thursday, November 3, 2011

Moyz and attachment

Moyz is an interesting one. While he shows good attachment to Chris and me, he will still go to almost any woman. He will walk to us when he is upset and actively seeks us out. Lots of amazing eye contact and kisses and everything else in that department seems to be going well. Whenever he encounters a man and isn't in my arms he shows good attachment and fear of strangers. But women, he loves them all.

Today at the clinic he walked out of the room, saw the RN who is a male, and made the fastest turn ever and ran right back into my arms. I am happy for that response, but wish that he would do that with women he encounters.

I am not super stressed about it, but am trying to balance all of my researching with a healthy dose of reality and am glad that we are meeting with the therapist next week for him. I figure it is better to be proactive then reactive.

Has anyone had this experience at all? I am assuming that he will go to any woman because of his time in the orphanage and all of his caretakers were women there. I am trying to get thoughts on other things we can do to further the attachment process with Moyz. We still do not allow others to hold him or feed him outside of Chris and I and the older kids, who rarely give him any food. I am not quite sure how to help him be appropriately reserved with people he doesn't know who are female.

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