Friday, June 28, 2013

The Bathroom Situation

I have a dirty (literally) secret.  It's my bathroom.  For who knows what reasons, the people before us had put in a blue bathtub with fake blue-veined marble tiles around the bathtub and the same sink.  Disgusting.  And yes that is mold you see in the corners and along the grout in the tile.

It's a major, major problem.

The marbling is way worse in person, but you can kind of see how bad on the backsplash.

Before I get a new bathroom upstairs, which will be a complete gut job, the downstairs bathroom needs to be put in.  7 people have to go to the bathroom somewhere.  The downstairs bathroom currently looks like this:

That big hole to the right is where we need to move the plumbing to.  Currently, the water table is so high that it is filled with water, and we need to dig a huge hole and drop a second sump pump down to drain the water out and do all the plumbing to make this puppy work.  Sounds like fun, yes?

Here is a better shot of all the water.  Every day the kids ask to go downstairs and look.  And every day I have to yell at one of them to get their butt upstairs right this minute.  This morning I found a blue bouncy ball in it.  It's not deep enough to suck them in and cause problems.  But it's plenty deep for naughty children, of which I own several, to do some serious damage to the rest of the house.

And since we had to move all the stuff that was in the reno area out so Chad (our friend and reno guy) could fix it, all that crap, I mean stuff we value, had to go somewhere, so here is what our downstairs family room looks like.  And will for the conceivable future.

That, plus the dirt everywhere is the biggest bummer of this project.  I can't kick my kids downstairs when they are driving me crazy but it's too hot outside to boot them out the door. 

So before I get my new pretty bathroom upstairs we have to deal with all of the above.  One day it is going to look something like this:

white bathroom.

Or this:

black and white bathroom

I'm just hoping I can hang in with all the rest of the reno without going crazy!

PS:  This just in, 2 hours after I wrote this post last night, the washing machine disconnected itself and all of the bleach water I used for washing my white slipcovers flooded the basement.  Sometimes I really hate my life.  When I whined about it to Chris, his tender words were something like, "And this is just the beginning".  Hopefully, nothing like this will happen when the walls are being banged up.  Off to deal with bleach water all over everything.

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