Monday, July 1, 2013

South Dakota Loving

Finally after 6 consecutive years of planning and then not going, the Nelsons went to South Dakota.  If you are within driving distance, go.  There is tons to do and you will have a blast.

Lest I bore you with too many words, I give you pictures.

The Badlands.  Where Moyz cried the.entire.time.

Inside the corn palace.  Kind of boring, but nice gift shop.

Ancient creature, once found in South Dakota.  How'd you like to swim with that?

Random waterfall on the side of the road.

How Truitt really feels about Mt. Rushmore

Buffalo in Custer State Park

12 years and still going strong

Wyoming, but hopefully you got that

Wild Burrow

The eye

Wild stream, Chris and Owen having a moment

Julio (pronounced hoo-lee-o) and Owen

One of their cuter moments

The Jackalope.  Which Owen thought was real for 3 days.  Then was crushed when he learned it wasn't

Wild Burrows.  One kicked him

Always posing with hands on the hip.  Future diva?

Precursor picture to 20 minutes of rock throwing

A few little pictures of the Nelson clan.  I took 600 while gone.  That's gonna be one heck of an album, and the kids want "one of every picture so we can see them all".  Someone is going to drop it on someone else's toe and then we'll wind up back in the hospital.

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