Friday, May 2, 2014

Golden Boy

I came across this book the other day.

Golden Boy, is a story about an albino young boy living in Tanzania.  In the story he must run to save his life because Albinos are hunted in the belief that their body parts will bring the person who bears them good luck.

When Chris and I traveled to Uganda, we met with one Albino boy in a village out in the bush.  His poor skin was so sunburned and red.  Chris went up to him and made a huge point to spend time talking through translation and spending time with him, letting him know that he was special and loved.

There are only 15 reviews of this book on amazon, but ever single one of them is 5 stars.  I will be ordering this soon.  Ava will also be reading this for her 6th grade year.

And lest you think this a problem only in the past, please visit this article from National Geographic about the continuing problem of Tanzanian albinos being killed.  Since 2000, 72 Tanzanian albinos have been killed for their body parts.

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