Friday, January 16, 2015

Red Button (and a blackmail picture for Moyz and Truitt!)

Owen has a notebook cover with the Avenger characters on it.  Something like this.

The boys play Avengers all the time and love the characters even though they have never seen the movies.  Truitt has an affinity to Iron Man.  The only issue is that he is certain that his name is "Red Button".  Because you push the button in the middle of his chest and on his hands.  Duh.  No matter how much Ava and Owen tell him that it's Iron Man, he will argue with you to the bitter end.

And just for fun, here's a great pic of the two littlest boys.  They are all manly all the time. Then I heard these cute little noises coming from their room.  When I went back to see what was going on this is what I saw:

A little surprised at my entrance...

Moyz loving it, Truitt starting to be distressed about being caught in a dress...

Not able to handle the stress of mom seeing him in a dress!

You know how at weddings they will often play a video of the couple growing up?  These are definitely making an appearance at Moyz and Truitt's wedding!

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