Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bean Burritos

If this is what bean burritos look like going in,

I am not real excited about seeing what they look like coming out.

We aren't cloth diapering Moyz and Kembia. We totally planned to, and then once we got them home and dealt with parasites and the fact that they both poop several times a day, and the fact that cloth diapers are about a bazillion dollars a piece, we opted not to cloth these two.

We do, however, plan to cloth diaper Truitt. I have 18 fuzzibunz and bumgenious diapers all lined up looking so pretty in all the nice colors we picked. But we were given so many disposable diapers as presents that we haven't had a need to use them yet.

I may sound slightly pathetic right now when I confess that I have wanted to just "try one out and see how it goes", but then I think that it probably isn't worth all the effort at this point just to use one and then wait for what still will be quite some time since we still have lots of disposable diapers yet. In my mind, why pay for heat and water if you don't have to?

Now I realize that this makes me sound completely non-earth friendly, but to be honest with you, we are still using paper plates the majority of the time. We don't have a dishwasher and paper plates save me tons of time with dishes, although I did just promise Ava that once we ran out of the current paper plates I would no longer be using paper as our regular plates. She has formed a "save the earth club", probably in direct response to my conspicuous consumption. Of course, the only two people in her club are herself, and her 55 year old great aunt who lives one hour away and will probably not be much help in picking up garbage from the local parks as Ava hopes to do.

Anyway, that is our diapering saga, now the only thing I can think about is that sweet little jingle that goes: "Beans, beans the magical fruit....." (you know you love that song!)


  1. They are just so darn cute... mashed up beans and all! lol..

  2. Hello- no one with three kids under two should feel bad about not CDing. Also, if your kids have parasites you should NEVER CD as it would ruin your diapers and potentially spread parasites to others in your family. I didn't start Cding either T or N until their tests came back clear and (in T's case) his poop got less runny. I will say the CDs contain much better, so I switched before he was fully solid.

  3. I am curious about the comment regarding never cloth diapering with parasites and how it ruins the diapers. I'm wondering if Amy has more information about that? I would love to learn more. We have three in cloth right now, because we simply can't afford disposables (we were never given gifts of diapers...that would be nice :) and we pay for our trash per bag so it all adds up fast. As far as I know high heat kills most bugs (not all of course) as does desiccation (there are also lots of different ways to sterilize diapers). I have been using the same cloth diapers for 4 1/2 years and they still look brand new. Of course, we have struggled with parasites, bacteria, etc. off and on over the years but that has more to do with living in a developing country than anything else. We use a hose attached to our toilet and it makes the whole process so much easier. I also do a triple rinse and wash with hot water (as well as dry the diapers). Once you get started it's not so bad and it feels very easy these days. Sorry this is so long, but I do agree with Amy in that you shouldn't feel bad about not CDing. It's a personal choice in the end and having so many little ones is a challenge and whatever makes it all easier for your life is the way to go! I think what is actually the hardest thing about getting rid of parasites is often they are very resistant to treatment. And babies/toddlers spread their germs so much more rapidly than do older children and adults. Even after stools are solid you can still shed cysts of some infections like giardia for some time. You can also miss the diagnosis on stool cultures. Okay, I'll stop now :).
    Do you know what tribe Kembia is from? There are some tribal groups in Congo that are extremely short/petite/small.