Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Conferences and more Poop

Ava had her fall conferences last night. I have to admit, I started getting a little embarassed at how much her teacher LOVES her. As in, she must be a teacher's pet because she went on and on about how great she is, and how helpful and sweet and so smart.

Now don't get me wrong, I love it that she is doing so well, but I have never sat before someone who talked about Ava in that way. And most of the time I was thinking "Why isn't she always like this at home?"

Ava is the top reader in her class by a long shot, she has more than double the AR points then the second highest reader. The third grade goal for reading is 30 AR points by the end of the year. Ava has 23.8 and it's only October. Oh, and she reads out loud 201 words per minute.

Aside from that, we are up to our ears in poop. Both Moyz and Kembia are having parasite tests run again. Moyz to make sure they're gone and Kembia to see if she has them and perhaps that is why she isn't gaining weight. This will be her 6th and 7th test.

Ava and Owen don't even bat an eye anymore at poop vials on the counter. When we dropped one off today Owen responded that "they got that one done fast" I still am finding it gross to scoop poop out of a diaper, but hey, diapers are pretty much my life. I cannot wait for them to be potty trained!


  1. Jess, are you CDing? With all those kids I sort of hope not, but if you are that could be the reason that the parasites aren't going away...those things are hard to kill and hot water and soap do not do the trick.

  2. I think if you dry your diapers in the dryer that most giardia is killed that way, but probably worth looking into to make sure. We have been dealing with chronic giardia for a while after moving back from Africa. I think we are finally clear of it all. We have three in cloth as well.