Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stool test negative

Yep, no parasites on tests number 6 & 7. So, where that leaves us with little (seriously) miss Kembia is that we are just going to watch her. The U said that let's give her until November when we go in again and see if she loses more or gains some. They want to account for a different scale at two clinics, as well as her increase in mobility, even though she isn't walking yet, she crawls like a crazy woman. Which sometimes she is. Like today where she played with herself and the nipple of a bottle in front of a mirror in the living room. She thought she was hilarious, and I thought I should have video taped her.

Other than that, I found the awesomest DIY counter top ever. I realize that it may not be for everyone, but it is for me. Now I have to convince my hubby that we should do it in our bathroom. I think I have shared pictures of it before, blue tub, old fake blue veined marble sink top and tile in the shower, and a remodel is not currently in the Nelson budget, so here is what I found this morning while I wasted time eating breakfast:

I think this is an amazingly awesome idea, and perfect to go over my ugly faux marble sink top. And not all that expensive when you consider the cost of the pennies involved! Although perhaps the epoxy and the rest of it might add up a little bit, but I still think it will be quite cheap.

And for Neil, who I know when Kelly shows you this, will say "not in our house", you better watch out! Someday I may come over and start decorating your place!!

What do you guys think? Chris says that I am a tad bit eccentric, so this probably won't surprise him too much, but we will have to see. These are the types of ideas you find and love when you have a slight decorating problem, but no budget to do it with!


  1. :) I can't to show this to Neil!!!! Love it!!!

  2. Hi Jess, I seem to be having difficulty commenting on your blog lately. I will try again...

    Have you seen this website? http://adoptionnutrition.org/diet-tips-tricks/maximizing-calories-per-bite/
    It may offer some good tips for you. Otherwise, my SIL fed her preemie baby lots of icecream smoothies (packed with spinach, flax seeds, pears, bananas etc...) to increase his weight - you may want to try that.

  3. praise God on the stool test.
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE the penny counter tops. Seriously awesome.