Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How Long Can You Go Without Turning The Heat On?

I like to play this game in the fall where we leave the windows open in the house at night and see how cold it gets before we turn the heat on.

The only thing I hate more than cold weather is people who say they love cold weather. | Christmas Season Ecard | someecards.com

I know.  It sounds ridiculous, but hear me out.  The best sleep of my life was when my dad and aunt and I went camping in Glacier National Park.  I half-way thought I was going to be eaten by a grizzly bear and it was just about freezing that night.  But I didn't wake up once.  Not even to go to the bathroom.

So every fall we do this.  It's probably been 9 or so years running.  But this year we seem to all have developed some type of super resistance to the cold.  We wake up and the house is around 59 or 60. Yesterday we went to a park and ran around in the glorious fall sunshine.  When we came home, after a bit everyone complained about how hot they were.  I even thought maybe Chris turned the heat on.

Nope, it was 64 degrees and apparently a heat wave!  I know it sounds insane but we are really enjoying looking at the temperature in the morning!  About the only thing we do differently is wear socks everyday and that's the only extra clothing we need.  60 degrees is a glorious day outside, why is it any different if you are inside?

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