Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Never Buy Bread Again (Book Review- And It's Totally Awesome!)

Before the babies came home I got into making fresh bread.  And then life as we knew it changed forever and that went buh-bye.

I compensated by only buying bread from the bakery hoping that since it goes bad so fast there are less preservatives in it.

And then I came across this book:

Game changer.

You literally mix up a "soupy" bread dough and put it in your fridge and rip off chunks when you need them.  No kneeding necessary.

You do have to do a few things like let the dough come to temperature, but it's painless, delicious and we love it.

If you are loathe to put more additives in your diet but don't have time to make traditional bread, you will love it.  And I recommend moving immediately to Amazon and purchasing this book now.

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