Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What I Want

I struggle with presents because I never have a list to give Chris.  Usually, if we see something we like and we can afford it then we'll buy it. (Tempered with a good dose on do we need it, etc.  We definitely don't just buy everything we want) But these are three items on my list of things that I would love to have.

Glacier National Park Blanket
At about $200, unfortunately this isn't the type of item I would purchase for myself.  And other than I really like it, that's not a good enough reason to drop that kind of money on a wool blanket.  Although it is on sale at Nordrstroms for $150 for the full size....

Minnetonka Moccasins  Kitty Suede Moccasin

These are definitely on my list of things I could really bring home.  $43 with free shipping at Zappos.  I might have to pull the trigger on these.  I hinted to Chris about them, but I don't think he was listening that day. 

When these first came out, I was young.  Still in high school young.  And by the time I heard about the series as a freshman in college, the first one was out in paperback.  Poor, in college, no extra money, so soft covers it was.  Now, I appreciate a hardcover book if they are deemed worthy of collecting that way.  And Harry Potter is.  (Then I could finally get rid of my softcovers that are falling apart from Ava reading and rereading them!) $100 on Amazon

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