Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Our Christmas Tree Fell Down


We put it up Sunday night.  Lights first, then the ornaments, and the star at the top with the 5 pound plug-in attached to it.  That's when we discovered that although the lights all worked when I plugged them into the outlet to test them, once on the tree half of them decided to stop working.  In random areas.  After twisting individual lights we new we needed to get new ones.  

Yesterday I ran out to get some, and have you bought lights lately?  Crazy expensive.  Chris thought we should get LED to the tune of $30, and that was on sale.  For two strands.  

Last night as I was unwinding the lights off the tree around the 8 million ornaments, the tree fell over. I managed to catch it before it hit the ground but I was standing on top of a stool yelling frantically to Chris to come as fast as he can.  We finally got it set up right, felt good about it, and I walked away to pick up ornaments off the ground and bam.  It fell again. This time all the way to the floor.  

We ended up anchoring it to the hutch in the picture.  And it made it through the night, so I am pretty sure it will be okay.  Plus we told the kids that under no circumstances are they to touch the tree or there will be penalties to pay.  (Monday they put barbies in it, so that may or may not have had contributed to the tree falling over.)

And we only broke two ornaments that were easily fixable, and that is saying something because we have a lot of nice, delicate Lenox porcelain ornaments from my parents that managed to survive a falling tree, twice.  

One day down, another month to go....

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