Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bad Blogger

Haven't posted in a while because the kids and I have been at my parents house. Chris had to work out of town for a week and I wasn't feeling up to being a single parent of 5 for that length of time. We even let Ava miss some school which she thought was awesome and I felt slightly guilty about. That would be the nerd in me.

Today we got back after the car ride from hell, which in the end, turned out to be 100% my fault. Kembia sits in the back with Ava and Owen, Moyz and Truitt are in the middle section. Kembia started crying and yelling and making a ton of noise about 1 hour into the ride. It was right at nap time and so I figured she was just extremely exhausted from a crazy few days and so I basically ignored her.

Of course, she continued to do this on and off the whole way home. I asked Ava if she thought she had pooped but Ava said she couldn't smell anything, and with Kembia you can always smell. Then the last hour before we made it home, Moyz decided to join in the yelling. He truly didn't have a reason other than his sister was doing it and those two feed off of each other in a big way. Owen was whining because he was exhausted and spent a lot of time around his cousin who happens to be a fairly decent whiner himself, and Ava was whining because everyone around her was in a bad mood.

We finally get home and I get all the kids inside only to find out that Kembia had peed completely through her clothes and down her jeans into her shoes. I'm thinking that this must have happened around the time she initially started whining and so this makes me an exceptionally crappy parent for the day. Next time I will ask Ava if she smells any poop or if Kembia's clothes are wet.

And then I finally got my hair stuff for Moyz I ordered last week. His hair is the driest I have ever felt in my entire life. I have tried a fair amount of things to help it maintain its moisture and wasn't being successful at all. So I spent a bazillion dollars buying some Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme, buy one get one free hoping that it will do him some good. Seriously, this stuff is expensive, I spent $72 with shipping and handling. I still can't believe I spent that amount of money, but I am desperate and was finding a lot of good reviews on it. Of course, since then, I have found a lot of bad reviews and now I am feeling a little bit panicky that my costs-an-arm-and-a-leg-hair-cream will be all for naught. Cause seriously, we don't exactly have the money to be buying expensive hair creams for 15 month olds. Or adults for that matter. Anyone have any tips/products for me? We have tried: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil shampoo which works well for washing, and Pink. People generally rave about the coconut oil, but it doesn't seem to do anything for him. I have had someone suggest vaseline and then someone tell me not to, as well as people who say they just use whatever and it doesn't matter. His hair is so dry it really feels horrible to touch. I am tempted to cut it and start over with less damage, but then I still need to find something that works. The problem is, buying all of these items in the hope that we find something is getting a little bit expensive. Regardless of how well it works, Moyz and Kembia will be Baby Buttercremed up until that stuff is gone!


  1. baby buttercreme is good stuff. I have used it a lot on my son's hair. You may have better luck if you wet it a little with olive oil/water, then use the baby buttercreme (don't be shy with it) then seal it all with a little coconut oil. My son's hair is very thick and was really dry and scratchy when I got him. Good luck! Unfortunately what works for one doesn't always work for another so it's a lot of trial and error. I would stay away from that Pink stuff though. It did not do a good job.

  2. Oyin handmade makes the best hair products - and it's way less than Miss Jessie's. We didn't like her products nearly as much as we like Oyin.

  3. I am loving the smell of the buttercreme after using it last night on the kids, and Moyz's hair feels pretty good this morning, but I am also interested in the Oyin products. Anything in particular that you use Varouna? I peeked at the website and it is MUCH cheaper than the buttercreme, curious what is good. Do I create more problems for the kids if I use several products or alternate things?

  4. I rub the same shea/oil butter on their bodies and in their hair. I only wash their hair once a week with mild shampoo. Using oil in the bath can help, but it makes the tub so slippery that I usually skip it. You should probably shave him down and start fresh. Honestly, keeping them shaved fairly close is the easiest way to go...less picking and moisturizing make life easier.

  5. I use the whipped pudding and hair dew - they smell amazing! I've also used the honey water on their skin, but wasn't as into it. But the whipped pudding is good for their skin, we use that and a vegan Shea butter bar from a local place on their skin - Bea has really sensitive skin and these products don't irritate her skin at all. I also don't think it's a big deal trying different products - how else will we know what works best for our kids.