Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pinterest, Rap Music and Locked Pantry

Finally figured out how to use Pinterest. I had really been interested in it, but everytime I went there it just seemed so overwhelming to set up everything and figure out how to use it. Kind of like when you go into a Marshalls or TJ Maxx- you need to be in the mood to dig, and Pinterest was like that for me. Now that my friend helped me sort it out, I am sure it will be another excellent way to waste time, kind of like my blog reading habit....

Owen thinks that rapping is a "different language". And he wonders how they do it. I love rap music, but really can't listen to too much of it because of wording and content, so the rare rap song without all the nasties is a huge thing for me. He really loves the beats and takes after his momma in that respect. Everything else is Chris. Ever heard of a rap loving fisherman? Me neither, he may just be the first.

Yesterday Owen locked the food pantry. The lock happens to be on the inside of the door and we have never had a key for it. Apparently after almost 5 years of life he noticed it for the first time and decided to turn it. Chris was still out of town and all I had to feed everyone was frozen waffles and whatever wasn't rotten in the fridge from our being gone. We went over to a friends for a play date already arranged and luckily were fed lunch. When we got home I spent a good 20 minutes taking the hinges off the door to be able to access our food. Fun times here at our home!

And now we are hoping to avoid Christmas day flu. We went over to a friend's house to play, one that we haven't been at for quite awhile given that we are generally hermits, and after a serious morning of the kids all playing hard, her daughter threw up on the couch. Haven't had a round of barfing yet since the kidlets have been home. Seriously hoping it stays that way.

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  1. Oh my... I LOVE pinterest! Isn't it great!!? I've been meaning to blog about my new found love... one day!

    We are also trying to avoid the flu - stocked up on vitamin D! Good luck... flu in 3 babies is not something I can imagine would be fun!!