Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Strep Throat (Again)

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is: getting everyone infected with strep throat. Just kidding. That would suck. And make Elf a whole lot less fun of a movie.

But we did visit the doctor at 7:45 on Friday morning, and Owen was the fastest positive they have ever had. When he told me that his throat hurt that morning I would normally have been the "buck it up and we will see how it develops." But because we have hit our deductable and it wasn't going to cost us anything, we went in, and boom, strep. Right before we were heading out of town to spend time with millions of other family members.

We weren't scheduled to arrive until after his 24 hours on antibiotics happened and he was therefore no longer contagious. But the rest of us are still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Fingers crossed.

Christmas was fairly uneventful at our house. Moyz and Kembia were so not into the presents. Although Kembia did clap for herself when she ripped the paper on her present and looked at us like she thought she did the coolest thing in the world.

Still, they loved playing with the things that we got them, and it once again made me think about how different their lives were in so short a time. Made me hold them extra tight and long if they would allow it!

Oh, and we got Moyz's green card finally! Only took 5 months to get. Oh well, at least it came even if it wasn't necessary. Now I just need to get their social security numbers and we can be set for taxes. Here's hoping they wont audit everyone who adopted and finalized in 2011! Or it will be next fall before we get our money. Anybody thinking of Jerry Maguire and "show me the money!" That sounds very materialistic and earthy of me, but it would be nice to have money once again in our savings account. You know, for emergencies. Like our fridge that has been dying since we bought the house. Okay, maybe dying isn't quite the correct word, but it only cools to about 42 degrees and the microbiologist in me cringes that this is 2 degrees higher than what is considered the warmest it should be. I can just imagine all the bacteria growing waiting to strike the Nelson's with food poisoning, and by Nelsons I mean me. Everyone else in my family apparently has a stomach made out of steel.

Geesh, I gotta git a grip. Anyway, hope Christmas was wonderful at your joint!


  1. Wow! Just caught up on your blog... your family looks great! Hugs. We got both ours home, got finalized, just weeks ago before the end of the year!!! and are settling in nicely! Hugs.

  2. We weren't audited and got our tax return back on time last year and we adopted. I think the issue with people who were audited is that they didn't send in absolutely every document like we did. Good luck with yours this year.

  3. Yeah Marci! So glad to hear that you got your kids home. Are you blogging about it? I hope things are going well for you. Hang in there, it only gets better!

    Varouna, what all did you send in? I am not sure what goes besides the adoption decree, and receipts totaling up to the money we need to prove we spent. What about copies of their visas and passports? Any suggestions? would love not to get audited!