Friday, February 21, 2014

And That Makes 4

Snow days that is.  This time courtesy to about a foot of snow.  I cannot even see my mail box.  It is going to take us to the middle of June to get rid of all this snow.

  School bus ruining a perfect snow day
Good Lord, please let this be a for-real thing.

snow humor - Google Search

Snow humor
Fun creationism humor.

Haha. This is for everyone complaining about winter!! I'm loving it
So true.  The littles and I haven't left the house all week.  Okay, maybe once, but that was it.

The Buffalo News The sign in front of Fourteen Holy Helpers Church in West Seneca today (Jan/08/2014)

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  1. Hi,

    Would you mind sharing this link with your blog community or possibly writing a post about this opportunity and the power of prayer? The link is below...I would love to see all of us either as adoptive parents or interested humanitarians, bring this suspension and all the things that have come because of it and all the things that have lead to it, together before our God.

    Let's join and "Pray our children Home" starting on February 27 at 6 am. If God is for us who can be against us?

    You do not have to have an account to sign up...

    There are almost 100 time slots, only 15 mins each. Please pass this 24 hours of prayer opportunity on via blog, email, church hotline, etc.

    I appreciate your help!
    Sara Alsup