Thursday, February 27, 2014

Don't You Love It When Stuff Is Free?

I came across the online shop Caravan Shoppe.  It's an online print shop.  So you find what you like, buy it, and a link comes to your email and then you print it off from your house.  I first saw this $5 calendar.  I can't help myself.  Have you ever seen something so cute?

The Zoo 2014 Calendar

There's a different animal for each month.  Seriously, go and look at it for $5.

But I said free.  So then I started looking around and lo and behold.

animals   cars
Party Animal Invitations                    Bus Cards

These can be found on this stationary page.  Where everything on this page is free.  At least right now.

And then I found this beauty.  Which you can bet I immediately "bought", but not really, cause it's free.

Move Fast Printable
Story of my life.  Get it for yourself.

Or how about weekly planning pages?  Perfect for homeschool.  Yep- free.  F.R.E.E.

preview of planner

I have no ideas if these are always free, or if the site circulates things for free on a regular basis. But definitely get yourself over to the Caravan Shoppe and download these beauties while you can.

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