Thursday, February 13, 2014

Where Did I Go?

Well, my reasons for not blogging are multi-fold.  We got back from Florida tired, and all that post-vacation stuff, then Owen threw up, which was super fun, we had below zero days where school was cancelled, etc., etc., etc.

But the big reason, and let me tell you I fought it, I really did, is that I've spent the last couple of weeks digging into homeschooling.

I know what you are thinking.  Again?  Seeing as my experience with online MN K12 public school didn't go so great.  However, for the past 2 months I have been feeling like I am supposed to look into.  Kind of a presence that settled itself into my life and wouldn't let go.

But of course, like a good Christian, I kind of just tried to ignore what God was telling me, because people, I didn't (notice the past tense) want to homeschool my kids.  I like my space and my me time, and quietness (cause we get so much of that at our house).  I am the type of person, as much as I probably shouldn't admit this to the internet, where if I had married a super rich guy, I probably would have spent all day reading and reading and reading.  You know, basically being an overachiever, super-high functioning, stand-up type of person.  All by myself, in my home.

And then I kind of realized that all the reasons I didn't want to homeschool aren't really how my life functions.  Yes, it's easy to send Ava and Owen off to school, but it's not like my life gets quieter, more peaceful and filled with more me time.  I still have 3 babies at home.

So I got serious, got researching, and really am digging into it.  I'm actually at the point where I am excited about it.  Not delusional like I think it's going to go great and all that jazz, but excited where I think I can do it.

First off, I will be doing homeschool where you aren't affiliated with the public school system at all. Homeschool curriculum abounds and my eyes are literally burning from staring at a computer all day for lots and lots of days.  I might be the world's best researcher right now.  Definitely not the worlds best parent, as my kids have consumed large quantities of PBS and the Letter Factory DVD series.

I am fairly certain I have the majority of the curriculum picked out and will be attending a homeschool conference in April.  The littles will be starting their curriculum next week.  It's definitely something they are ready for, and really I don't have a good excuse to keep waiting. When your littles on their own can tell you what a number and a  letter is, I think it's time.

The interesting thing about all this is that we had the kids' conferences last week.  And I swear to you, it was like a divine intervention that we were going to be doing the right thing.  Owen's teacher, while very nice, couldn't answer a question that I asked about his curriculum.  And because of Core Curriculum, they doubled the amount of words that the kids are supposed to read in a minute compared to last year.  They want first graders at this time of year to be reading at the minimum speed of third graders taking their spring tests.

So basically, if that didn't make sense, Owen is a slower reader at this point in the game.  Which he jolly well should be considering he's only in first grade.  But the school says that he needs to be reading at an almost 4th grade level in first grade.  

What?  Am I missing something here? Somehow, reading became all about how fast you do it, not even about what you are comprehending.  People, I would rather have a slower reader who understands what he reads then someone who can read super fast but doesn't take anything in.   our educational standards are bizarre, we spend more on our students through federal funding at a whopping $10,000 per child per year; more than any other country, and yet our kids are way at the bottom of most lists for countries with smart kids.

Anyway, it should be interesting.  And I promise to try and be a better blogger.  But you know, sometimes life just gets in the way!

And just cause they're funny and relate:

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