Monday, February 17, 2014

White and Black

I really like my black walls in my kitchen.  but they are so hard to maintain.  My white spray-painted chairs rub up against them and off comes the paint.  When you use a wet washcloth to clean up it leaves streaks behind.  And then there is the dust all over that you can see at just the perfect angle.

So I am thinking perhaps taking them back to white.  Story of my life.  Paint everything white and then add color.  I can't quite pull the trigger but I still have black cupboards and the black and white striped wall,so every day I am inching closer.

Here is some fun inspiration that makes me feel better about it.

<3 everything about this...floors, dark lower cabinets, stainless appliances, light counters, old barn pendant light     in an open concept space this mix of colours and finishes would read like eclectic furniture - a less-formal take on most people's idea of the kitchen

Sleek White and Black Kitchen

I don't even have to buy the paint because I still have a bunch leftover from the basement.  We ended up not painting it completely because we need to use oil-based primer for the pre-existing walls, and it makes all of us sick, so until we can open the windows we're waiting on that.

I'll probably just do it when Chris is at work one day.  Sometimes it's easier with his engineering mind-set to just do it and love it afterwards.  (Rather than have a long discussion about the pros and cons and costs and all that stuff!)

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