Friday, June 6, 2014

Baba Ganoush

We went on a couple's date to a restaurant called Jerusalem.  Where we ate amazing middle eastern food.  And now I am obsessed.  With both Baba Ganoush and mint tea.  I am so obsessed that I planted 6 eggplants and a bunch of mint even though the mint can overtake everything.

Baba ganoush recipe | 10 Best Eggplant Recipes | Camille Styles    Mysteries of the Harem: Middle Eastern Mint Tea

You can Pinterest about a million recipes for Baba Ganoush, or you can luck out like I did and get some already made in the fancy deli section of your grocery store.

I do plan on making a version later this year when my eggplants grow...  but until then, I foresee a lof of trips to the grocery store this summer.

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