Monday, June 9, 2014

Maleficient Review

Did you go and see it?

Maleficent (2014) Poster

I have to admit, I was quite intrigued by it.  But, since the only tv we watch is public television with shows for the kidlets, I had no idea what it really was about.  (Other than it was about the villain in Sleeping Beauty)  My only experience with anything about it was a picture similar to the one above and a 2014 date that they showed in a preview set before another movie I went to last year.

Ava begged and begged to go with me when a couple of girlfriends and I went this last weekend.  I told her no because I wasn't sure how dark it would be, and I'd rather not risk it.

I was pleasantly surprised.

There were still some dark moments- wars, revenge, a man who's slowly losing it, but it wasn't what I was thinking it would be.  It's actually quite charming, and I definitely will be taking her to see it soon.

A heads up though, the movie is rated PG, I was a little surprised at this rating.  I think it's definitely more than a PG (especially vs. some of the "kid" movies that come out with that rating- Monsters, Despicables Me, etc.), but not a PG13 level movie.  It would have been too much for Owen who is 7.  I'd say somewhere around 9-ish would be appropriate, depending on how your child can handle suspense and some war themes.  There wasn't any blood or gore, but it was definitely intense and suggestive.

Here's a trailer if you haven't seen it yet.

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