Monday, July 21, 2014

It's Been Rough

5 trips to the clinic in the last two weeks have resulted in:  2 people with strep throat (myself included, first time as an adult), 1 ear infection, 1 bizarre, highly infected toe infection with a possible strep throat, and one "well" child visit.  I love to give my money to clinics.

I started to offer convenient, affordable and confidential access to prescriptions for those of us with busy lives and tight budgets.
Too bad Chris can't just switch from engineer to doctor....

Needless to say, with sickness rampant in the family plus school, I haven't had a chance to blog lately.  We're just trying to stay afloat.

However, school is going better than I thought it would which makes me extremely happy.  And we decided to officially start Kembia in kindergarten because she is whip smart, knows all her letters and numbers, and won't stop asking for it.

It's very, very basic.  We do Horizons K math.

Horizons Math, Grade K, Student Workbook 1   -     By: Alan Christopherson

For reading we are using the book How to Teach your child to ready in 100 easy lessons.

Product Details

And we are using A Reason For Handwriting.

A Reason for Handwriting, Level K, Complete Homeschool Set  -

And that's it for her.  It takes about 20 minutes max per day.  She was a little bummed at first because she was wondering who her teacher would be and where the playground was.  And when I told her I was her teacher and the playground was our swingset she was a little doubtful, but she's adjusted now.

And remember when I talked about the lizard we brought back from Missouri that was missing a tail?  Our salamanders ate him! 

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