Friday, September 19, 2014

12 Passenger Van

Or the end of life as we know it, according to Ava.  Who told me I was ruining her life.

The left side of the car.  Of course it's white.  What other color do you ever see?

The right side actually makes it look less "creepy white van" because of the black horizontal line where the door opens.  Or at least that's what I tell myself.  I drove into my brother's uber nice neighborhood and you should have seen the look one of the women gave me as I passed by her yard.  I think she was already getting ready to call the cops on the scary van.

Confession:  I love it.  I love being up high and I love that all my kids can fit in it without sitting next to, or touching the other.  I love that I can go to IKEA and always have room for what I want to buy.

I don't love the gas mileage, or the fact that it doesn't fit into the garage.  But for all the pros I will deal with these cons.  


  1. Hooray! Your life will be infinitely better with a van. It doesn't look (that) scary.

  2. Nice vehicle....If It makes life easier, who cares how scary it is!! :)