Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Read What You Own Challenge

So I made a challenge.  To stop buying books and read the ones I already own that I haven't yet.  And also to not reread a book for a good while.

I would totally love a funky library like this.

Tour a Designer's Own Luxe, Eclectic Virginia Home //  Library With Black Built-In Bookcase

Anyway, as a giant book nerd I end up buying a fair amount of books.  But then inevitably, I don't read them.  Usually I buy them from secondhand stores, but not always.  And new books can add up.

Here is the pile of books that I am telling myself I need to read before I can buy a new book.

I collect these books from Penguin.  And this is a pile of the ones that I haven't read, minus Homer's The Odyssey, which I am currently reading right now.

The books are:
1. Les Miserables
2. The Sonnets and A Lover's Complaint
3. Cranford
4. The Picture of Dorian Gray
5. Bleak House
6. Lady Chatterly's Lover
7. Inferno
8. The Woman in White

Truthfully, I am a little unsure if I will read Shakespeare's The Sonnet's and A Lover's Complaint.  I am not a huge fan of poetry, even if it is by the world's best poet ever.  I am also a little nervous about Les Miserables, because it is ginormous, and while I liked the musical, I don't know how I will feel about the book.

At the very least, I have 6 fairly serious books to partake of.  Several of them have movies and while I am tempted to watch the movie and bow out using the "Cliffs notes" idea, I won't.  Although I may watch the movie afterward!

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