Monday, September 22, 2014

Bulletproof Coffee (My Version)

Have you heard of it?  Probably, but since I am always, always late to the game, I have only known about it for a couple of weeks.

It's coffee with butter in it.  (And other stuff too)  Weird and slightly gross sounding, huh?

bulletproof coffee - my newfound obsession and how I make it.
This is totally true.

Anyway, here is a link to what the health benefits of putting butter and coconut oil in your coffee will do for you.  It's actually pretty interesting.

But I'll tell you a secret.  I don't care how good it is for you, I just care that my coffee tastes good. And I am the kind of person who drinks coffee as a vehicle for the stuff that you add to coffee.

Here is my recipe:

Jess' Totally Trashed Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

1 T.fractionated coconut oil
1/2-1 T. butter
dash of vanilla (I just fill up the cap)
2 tsp. sugar
2 T. milk
1 c. coffee (made in my french press- best invention for coffee ever)

*Mix in blender.  Drink

Here's the deal on how I totally trashed it.  I used fractionated coconut oil with no coconut taste.  I am pretty sure all the serious bulletproof coffee drinkers are dying right now.  But I tried it with my organic coconut oil I use for the kids' hair and I didn't like it.

I also use the butter that I buy from walmart, not grass fed.  And I add sugar.  Sorry, I have to add sugar it's in my blood.  (Probably literally)

Truthfully, there are probably zero health benefits when you make it my way.  But it tastes amazing.  Like literally you bought it from the best coffee house in the world.

And just like the caption up above, I am never going back.  Okay, maybe that's not totally true.  I will drink coffee with regular creamer, but this is hands-down my favorite way.

And it is so much cheaper than if I went and bought coffee anywhere else.  Amazing taste plus way cheaper, you just can't go wrong here!  (although I still think it sounds gross to admit that I add butter to my coffee!)

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