Monday, May 9, 2011

I have a huge case of can't-decide-what-to-do-to-the-nursery.

I have admitted before that I may have a slight decorating problem. I am starting to call it decorating ADD. As in I change my mind all the time, the way I figure it, life is too short to keep the same colors.

This has not gone well for the baby nursery.

Having gone into what seemed like a million JoAnn fabrics looking for the just the right fabric to make blankets for the kidlets I came up empty handed. So I hopped online to Target. I found 2 different adorable cotton shower curtains that I decided I would order, see which one I liked best and then make baby blankets out of. This is where my drama starts. I got the one pattern right away, and in place of the other one, I got someone else's 3 tshirts they ordered. In the mean time, I found the perfect fabric online and had ordered that. So, my target order had become obsolete. Now I had to return one shower curtain, and 3 tshirts that weren't mine, and figure out what happened to the shower curtain I never got. 3 weeks later, 7 phone calls to Target and 5 emails, I finally got the refund of the shower curtains I ordered and never received. Whew.

Of course, now I need to order the toddler beds, and I think I may skip Target this time. It pains me to say that because I LOVE Target, but I don't think I can handle that whole scenario again. I don't know that I would normally mind so much, but I had ordered 2 of the shower curtain that never came, and it was around $65 and there was no way that I wasn't getting my money back for that.

In the mean time, I walk in and out of the babies' room about a million times a day trying to organize my brain with all of the ideas running through it. Chris talked to his mom last night and apparently she asked about what it was looking like, I heard the words eclectic from around the corner. I swear in my mind it all makes sense, but poor Chris is much more of a see it and believe it type person, so in the meantime, it pretty much just looks like a disaster!

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