Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Well, we should be requesting an embassy appt. today! Everything has been taken care of according to the national visa center. Hopefully the embassy will respond fast and give us a very soon appt. date. (Not counting on that at all- in fact I will not be surprised if it takes closer to 2 months for the appt. given the last few families that had to wait.)

Our home study agency contacted us and said that we need to rerun our background checks for our state- we don't need new prints, just to spend $140 to do a search. It never ends does it?

I am frantically trying to keep track of all these receipts for the adoption credit, but that hasn't been going well for families either. I have read several news articles on it, and talked to a couple of families who are being audited. Apparently the govt. isn't sure what they are going to allow as far as fees to count towards the credit refund for us. I have not been able to find one family that has gotten the full amount from the govt. that their accountant said they would. I am only hoping that by the time it comes for us to file the paperwork next tax season they will have it all sorted out and it will be relatively painless for us.

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