Friday, May 20, 2011

Our embassy docs. are on their way to Kinshasa. I have been more than slightly freaking out about them because our agency hasn't been real proactive in asking for the forms, and then I looked up FedEx and it takes 8 days to priority them there, plus we will hit memorial day, so I knew that if they didn't leave today, chances are they wouldn't make it there in time for our doc. review on June 2nd. Then we would need to ask for new dates which would probably take a minimum of one month, and I would seriously freak out at a delay like that.

But the good news is, there was a miscommunication between one of the women who went on vacation at our agency, and the docs. had been sent Tuesday.

Huge sigh of relief!

Now I will have to find some way to cover up the lines around my eyes from seriously stressing unnecessarily for the last 3 days.

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