Monday, August 15, 2011

What's new with us

Thank you so much for your suggestions on what to do with the jealousy issues we have going on. I really like the idea of sitting on the couch and feeding the kids at the same time, but it's just not going to work with two crawling babies and a newborn. Instead, I have been feeding Truitt on the floor by the babies and it seems to be a good thing. They crawl all around and come over to give him kisses. Sometimes they get a little aggressive with touching him, but just normal baby stuff. But they definitely are not screaming and freaking out when I am near them like that. For now, we will give this a go and see what happens.

And for Mary who suggested tandem feeding Kembia, we would absolutely love to do this. Unfortunately, she has zero interest in any type of milk. No breast milk, formula, cows milk, soy milk, milk of any type with chocolate flavoring, strawberry flavoring or Pediasure. It has been extremely frustrating. Instead, we sneak loads of soy formula into her oatmeal in the morning, and give her calcium other ways like through cheese which she loves, and yogurt. Our pediatrician is closely watching her weight since she was so small, and we are moving foward with that. Little stinker. She also doesn't really like to drink any liquids unless it comes from a cup with no lid. But she isn't able to hold and use the cup herself, but she does like to grab at it and make a big mess!

The good news is, is that both kids are putting on weight. I swear that Moyz weighs a ton! Okay, not really, but 22 pounds seems pretty good for a one year old. He is now army crawling instead of rolling to everything he wants, and even tries to pull himself up. kembia crawls like crazy now, pulls herself up, and gets into the position with her legs like she is going to try and stand independently but doesn't do the standing part yet. She also says mama, but I am uncertain as to whether she realizes that it means me. Still, every time she says it I glow!

We traveled to a wedding up near Duluth this weekend. It was an interesting trip. Ava and Owen were with my aunt getting spoiled, so it was just Chris and me and the babies. At the reception we had several people come up and ask if the babies were our kids. Um, who's else would they be? We had one woman come up and turn to my friend next to me who happens to be Korean and ask her if they were her kids. It doesn't really irritate me so much as it is entertaining. Logically, in a small town where they were probably one of the few, if not the only black people in the town at the time, people tried to make sense of them. And we did not make sense.

My favorite line so far is when people ask if they are adopted. I would LOVE to one time say "No, they just came out that way!" and see the response. Of course they are adopted! How else would two ulitmate whities like Chris and me end up with kids that dark?! Seriously though, people have been really wonderful. We have not experienced any negativity whatsoever. Admittedly, we haven't really been out in public much, but people have been very kind thus far.

And everybody, literally everybody, asks if they are twins. We used to say no, but then that led to having to give explanations, and really, sometimes we don't want to explain to people when we are in a hurry, so for now, we have just taken to saying that yes, they are twins. And for all purposes as far as we are concerned, they are. I suppose one day when they are old enough to know when their birthdays are we will have to stop saying that, but it's just easier for the present!

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