Thursday, July 26, 2012

Broken Nail Polish

Nope, my kids didn't do it, but they probably would have.  Just got back from Walmart which probably ranks right up there in my top 10 hellish trips.  Where my kids noticed a beautiful display of nail polish.  And then some other kids promptly knocked it over and broke all the bottles and spilled everything while my kids watched.

Can I say how relieved I am it wasn't me?  Mostly because for the last 15 minutes we had been in the store all three of the babies were crying and whining, Owen was running around like a mad man, and Ava was irritating Owen.

I am so tired I can barely function right now.  So instead, I am threatening my kids that we won't go to the beach tomorrow with our friends if they don't get their act together.  It's mostly working, probably because all of the babies are currently sleeping, and if I was smart I would be too.  But alas, now I have to unpack $200 worth of groceries and clean the house that I left a disaster when I went out this morning.

I hate days like this.

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