Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I have a yeller (and a biter)

Look at this kid.

So cute right?  Well, let me just say that the above mentioned child is NOT the same kid that we had when we left to Montana.  Some time in the 10 days that we were gone he decided to "flourish".  (See my attempt at a Made By Girl artwork in the back?  Not my best, but we had people coming over and I had to do something or they would see preggo Jess there, not a good alternative.)  He found his lungs to a remarkable degree that I have not often found in children.  And he found his teeth.  

None of my other kids were yellers or biters to the level that this little man is.  And I guess I get it.  He needs to yell above the noise created by his two year old holy terrors that he calls family.  Not to mention the bigger two kids.  And I suppose he bites because he can.  I should put that on a t-shirt for him.

But seriously, he turns red in the face and holds his arms all wonky while he lets us know how he really feels about the subject.  He also loves to yell when other people do it.  Kind of like a "look, I can do it too!"

Plus, while we were gone he decides to pull himself up into a standing position and walk around furniture.  They had to lower his crib while we were gone.  Before he could roll over, he just wouldn't.  We had maybe seen him do it less than 5 times.  Now, he is on a mission and finally realizes this whole mobility thing kinda rocks.  I think full on walking isn't too far down the line because since we have been home he will get himself to a free-standing position in the middle of the room all by himself.  My teeniest baby is growing up.  (That's how Owen referred to him when he first came home and couldn't keep all the new baby names straight!)

Here is an example of Truitt.  And we totally tried to get him to do his copy yelling thing, but it's not quite up to par.  He probably was annoyed that I kept shoving a camera in his face.  Still, it's kind of funny, and almost all the kids make an appearance, so someday, when they are all out of high school, we can look back on this and they can bust a gut laughing at themselves!

Not to mention that yesterday, all was quiet, never a good thing in a house with 5 kids, and when I went to hunt my little tribe down, I found Truitt playing in the toilet.  I cannot even try to explain my level of disgust at this.

Welcome to 3 toddlers.


  1. Oh my goodness Jess... your kids are cute in photos - but SO DANG cute in video!!! Love it! ;)

    1. Thank you so much! I will have to be honest, when they get into trouble there is a lot of "it's a good think you all are so cute" muttered under my breath around here!