Tuesday, January 28, 2014

90 Degree Temperature Difference

I am a little depressed.  It is -20 here right now, a whopping 90 degree difference from when we were in Florida just last Friday.


Oh well, at least I do feel a little better to face the never-ending bitter cold.  School was canceled again today.  The kids are filled with excitement, I am less so.

Man, I miss this already

The hammocks were remarkably hard for the kids to get into.  Like it took them forever.  Multiple minutes, and then of course the next step was to up-end the other.

Orange orchard that my in-laws are "pretty sure" belong to the resort their timeshare is at.  So technically, we own part of it?  Or maybe it's gleaning, you know, biblically acceptable to come after the harvest and take what's left....

Regardless, it was fun to pick oranges straight off the tree.  And they were good.

Lots more to come, but all the good pictures are on Chris' computer.  Like the alligators and Disney world, and the kids being the only ones on the entire Miami Beach swimming.

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