Monday, August 18, 2014

New Couch?

I made white clipcovers for our couches a few years ago, three maybe, I can't remember....
After several years, 5 kids, and a Great Dane who can literally sit on them, they are looking pretty ragged, and bleaching them just isn't working anymore.

So I am thinking blue.

navy blue couch, black and white tripes, carpet tiles, wall of art, abstract     Tour A Small Apartment Brimming with Chic DIY Style//blue velvet sofa, furry stools, DIY art

Or maybe green...

Frame arrangement and colors on white wall // living         Amanda Holstein's San Francisco Home Tour #theeverygirl

It's the kind of project that is futzy, and I don't really like.  I may just wuss out and use dropcloths and make another slipcover that way.  It would be a lot cheaper fabric wise.  Plus I am not sure how Chris would feel about blue or green couches.

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