Friday, August 8, 2014

What Our Homeschool Looks Like

Why yes, those are ear muffs on their heads.  The better to block out the nose from their annoying three younger siblings!  

This is how my kids do homeschool- at the kitchen table with ear muffs on.  They take them off for any instructions but put them on whenever they feel the background noise is too much.  Which if fairly often.

Their first break is coming up soon too.  Next week will be school week 6 followed by vacation week 1.  They are pretty excited.  Especially Ava who is going to Canada with Chris for a father/daughter camping trip.  The rest of us will go to the grandparents house.

And then just for fun since Owen and I are going through the 8 million word exceptions.
i before e... HAHAHA! #Homeschool @IEW @TheHomeScholar

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