Saturday, April 30, 2011

A friend and I got together last week so she could teach me to bake bread. This led to some googling on the internet, which somehow led to the plan that our two families were going to have month of May be "processed free food month"

yep, for the ENTIRE month of May we are not going to eat any processed foods. For sure we will have the exception of milk, because we do not live near a dairy farm where we could get unpasteurized, and there may be a couple of other things along the way. But this means essentially nothing canned or jarred, no cereal (oh how I will miss that!) no store bought bread, mac and cheese, candy, ice cream, juice, sugar, etc.- you get the idea.

I went grocery shopping yesterday and that was a tad overwhelming. Pretty much nothing from the inside aisles of the store. Not to mention that I spent a fair amount of money on all of that fresh produce.

My kids are greedily sucking down the remainder of their easter candy today, and everyone in the family had the last chocolate cereal that was in the cupboard.

If anyone has any good tips, recipes or websites to make this easier on us I would appreciate it. I am mostly worried about lunch where we tend to grab fast things from the pantry, but when you aren't eating anything processed, fast is not an option. I need to sit down and seriously come up with a plan.

I'll let you know how it goes!

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  1. Good for you guys! We try to live a general rule of no processed foods... but it's not always easy - and I usually break down with one supplied in their lunches (crackers etc.)
    I keep a lot of fresh fruit and veggies cut up and easy to grab... There are also some wonderful raw recipes out there and granola bar recipes etc... We like to cook a small turkey or roast every Sunday to supply us with lunch meat for the week etc... Breakfast is usually yogurt (which you can make yourself!), fruit, flax seed etc...
    Good luck!!