Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So Moyz is on his second type of Giardia medicine. Not necessarily because the first one didn't work, but when you spit up most of the doses, it's kind of hard for it to do what it has to do to get rid of the parasite. He literally barfed a dose up the other day. And they even flavored it grape, but both the doctor and the pharmacist warned me that it tastes bad. This has also made it harder to get his iron in him. He sees me coming with the squirter, shuts his mouth and turns his head the other way.

Apparently I am messing with his face area way too much. because now he also pitches a fit when it is time to put his face cream on. Ah, the joys of medicine and children.

And then there is Kembia, who for some bizarre reason doesn't mind the iron. But the ear drops? Better squirt those in there quick or the girl wigs out. Quickiness also applies to diaper changes, be fast or beware the screaming.

I cannot wait until it's time to get the flu vaccine. That will be super fun. Originally I thought I would do them all in one fell swoop. But I think that probably won't work given how they all freak out with shots. Don't exactly have enough arms for 3 screaming babies. Of course, if I do it in shifts then that means loading up all of the kids and traveling twice for shots. And since now I try to avoid going anywhere at all costs (my friends are calling me a hermit, and I keep reminding myself that it's only for a season.....) I don't know what's worse, traveling twice or a bunch of screaming babies that I can't soothe all at one time. Hmm. I will have to think about that one.

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