Friday, September 30, 2011


The title pretty much sums up this post.

I have been pulling together all of the documents needed for readoption in our state. Luckily, we can represent ourselves instead of hiring a lawyer, but it is still going to cost us $320, plus the fees for birth certificate filing and several other fees for paperwork, all told it should end up around $600. Boo. But then we are offically done with money towards our kidlets, and what's a little more when we've already spent as much as we have? For those interested, all told, our adoption set us back about $34,000 for our two babes. That includes an agency switch to get into a Congo program, so we lost about $4,000 there, and massive airline ticket costs, to the tune of about $7,000. Yikes, but if it's God will, the money will be there, cause trust us, money does not grow on trees at the Nelson household.

Should have known that Truitt would have a massive poop blow out this morning, because last night his farting woke me up from sleeping and I was wearing ear plugs! Just as I was trying to dash out the door (dashing is a huge joke, I dash no where with this many kids!) for a docs appt., I go to pick up Truitt and change him into a cute little outfit before he outgrows it next week, and I discover that he has pooped every where. Seriously. My sweet little bundle of love only poops approximately every 3 days, and yes I knew today was "the day", but it usually happens at night. And Kembia was still in her booster chair in her jammies. The good news is, I moved with remarkable mom speed and only left the house 7 minutes late, and got to my appt. only 2 minutes late, and the doc was late anyways so it all worked out.

Ava's reading goal for last week for her third grade homework was 80 minutes. She read 476. Yep, you read that right. She is a bonafide bookworm. I don't know if I should be proud or horrified because she is a reading recluse. But I was EXACTLY like her growing up, and probably would still be reading like a psycho if it wasn't for the small fact that I have 5 children.

I have started using outings to help Owen with his letters since I am not doing that great at home. It goes something like this: by the kidlets a snack at Target so they don't all scream from being in a cart whily Mommy shops, walk around getting what I need and asking Owen to find the letter A, C, R, etc. It is going pretty good. He knows all of the sounds the letters make, but not what the letters are. Did I do that backwards or what?

We got Kembia's adoption report from the U yesterday. She is in the 1.7% for weight, and get this, the .53% for height. Is it really even worth recording a percentage on that scale?! And her weight percentage was after she gained 4 pounds from being home. My MIL joked that they probably would have said she didn't even exist if we had gone before those 4 pounds were gained! Yet somehow she is fitting remarkably well in size 12 month clothing, which leaves me to wonder who decides what sizes are correct if she is smaller than 99% of kids her age?

Moyz has learned the word uh-oh. Only he doesn't really say the words, only makes the sounds like he is saying the words. hilarious. It is also the only word he says. Kembia has 4 words in her repertoire (I don't think I spelled that right), they are: daddy, duck, dog, and stick. All very important words, don't ya think?

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