Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sour Milk

continuing on the breast feeding theme....

Last week I made some fantastic salsa, chopped up everything good, put it into a bowl, and presto! Pure awesomeness. Then it was time to feed Truitt (again). He makes a face like I had just offered him maggots instead of something yummy. I could not figure it out. But okay. We'll just try the other side. Same thing. I had no idea what could be wrong but I was starting to get worried.

And then I remember that I had cut up the jalapenos without gloves.

Can someone please give me the mother of the year award?! Just what every 3 week old needs, breast milk with a side of jalapeno juice. I quick handed him to Chris and jumped into the shower and scrubbed ferociously. Then I licked my own fingers, I know, it sounds weird, and I kid you not, there was still a faintness of jalapenos. But the good thing was, not enough to make Truitt not want to eat.

In other news, someone has turned the switch in Moyz and Kembia, because the kids have decided to spend the last two days trying to crawl around our house as fast as possible. Even Kembia. She has left me in the room to crawl to a different room and play with toys. I am in shock. And totally happy. She still has her "moments" but to watch her leave me, holding Moyz no less, and be just fine and happy is a pretty amazing moment for us.

Here's a picture of them trying to escape. They love this spot. And once I think Moyz must have seen a squirrel out the door because he rocketed back to me as fast as possible doing his screech that meant some type of animal was definitely going to eat him!

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