Thursday, September 1, 2011

Check Ups

First off, thanks so much to everyone for their thoughts and advice and especially your prayers for us. It is so great to have people praying for us and we are so thankful!

We had another series of check ups this week. Truitt and Moyz both went in, and then Kembia was weighed as well to see how she was growing since she was so small.

My man Moyz, who I am proud to say, is actually on the growth charts! I know not to put too much stock into growth charts, but it is nice to have one kid on it! He rang in at the 35% for weight, and 15th for height and head size. The funny thing is, at 22 pounds I felt like he was humongous, apparently I have forgotten how big kids are at 1 years old, because technically he is on the small size! But he has grown a ton, his pediatrician was so proud of him.

Kembia, my tiny little Kembia, has gained 3 1/2 pounds since she has been home! I am not too surprised given the way she eats, sometimes it seems like she eats as much as Chris and me do! Her face has filled out a ton and she's actually getting little rolls on her thighs!

And Truitt is running about the middle for babies his age. And he has a raging case of baby acne. Poor kid, it looks terrible, and I think he has it the worst of all my kids. But other than that, healthy as a horse. He's getting lots of love from Moyz and Kembia though, they love to kiss him although it's more like a giant lick from Moyz!

And some other great news is that the last two days have been really great with Kembia in terms of her crying when I leave the room. She even watched me open the door to go down the stairs and watch me shut the door and go down twice and didn't scream one time! I am super proud of her. Now I realize that her attachment is a process and that two days certainly does not mean that she will not be screaming on days, but it has been a good two days for us, and I am proud that she has been comfortable enough to watch me leave and be okay with it.

Here's a few pictures for you guys to enjoy!

This one is of Ava and Owen when they came up the stairs to tell me they were playing dress up.

Miss Kembia and those little cheeks that are a-growing!

My man Moyz, coming to check the camera out!

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