Monday, September 12, 2011

Pink Chandelier

Last week I took Ava out on a "date". Mostly we went to thrift stores to find baskets to put diapers and wipes around the house and have them look semi-organized. We also stopped at Home Depot and wandered around for an exceptionally long time. I have been trying to make bracelets out of hardware and bungee cords and things like that.

We wandered into the light section and there was this brass chandelier on sale for $18. I have been scouring second hand stores and goodwills for some time now hoping to find a light that I could redo for our bedroom. 18 bucks is a pretty good deal, espeicalliy since that is what they are sometimes used, so I picked it up along with two cans of pink spray paint.

I know, you're all thinking pink? But I figured it would be a good color to contrast the others in our bedroom, and luckily, my hubby just sort of rolls with the punches. I loooove it. My hubby said that it looked better than he thought it would, but did I know that if we ever move that I would probably have to take it down so when people came to look at the house they weren't freaked out? Since we have zero plans to move currently, and I believe in decorating to make myself happy, the pink stays!

I also have plans to make a light out of two metal plant hangers with that weird fiber stuff in them for the bedroom, so stay tuned for that one!

Here she is in all her glory! (Ava totally wants it when she has a room of her own!)


  1. I love your pink chandelier! Of course, I had lime green living room walls before we moved... :)

  2. Awesome!
    I am just shocked that you have time to make your bed! Lol... kudos to you!!