Friday, June 8, 2012

Adoption Tax Refund Update

Not much to update actually.  I just called today to see where we are in the scheme of things.  And they have not looked at our file yet.


March 1 sent in taxes
Late March got letter stating they needed all info. again
Sent in all sorts of paperwork
April 18 they registered our new paperwork
Now we wait for them to review it and hope and pray that they don't ask for more information.

Bummer.  They also said there was nothing they could do to expedite it unless we were in a financial hardship.  They said to call back July 1st and see where it is.  If they haven't even looked at it by then I think I may consider calling a tax advocate.  That would be 5 months that they have had our file and still nothing.  Seems like an adequate amount of time to me.

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