Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Time to Fly

We leave today.  Holy smokes, we have been planning this trip for 4 months and now it is here.  And I may or may not be just quite ready yet.  In fact, this morning I have to haul 5 kids to a couple of stores and get all the last minute things I should have gotten yesterday.

On a side note, I was talking with a girlfriend the other day who faces the same problem when flying- once on the airplane and before take off, I absolutely must, and I mean must, go to the bathroom.  Even if I just went 2 minutes before boarding.  It is seriously a Pavlovian response, I get into that plane, I know we will have to sit strapped down until we level out at our flying height, and this can sometimes take awhile.  Plus if you have bad timing and get stuck behind the drink cart you could wait forever.

Dumb, I know, but so unfortunately true.

Chris packed last night.  That's how he rolls.  He packs at the very last minute.  I don't know how he can do that- pack in one night and be just fine with it.  I start packing like a week in advance, more if I am going somewhere really far away or to a third world country.

And, I am slightly ashamed to admit that my kids have watched a lot of PBS while I have figured out what I needed and cleaned my house since my in laws will be living here for the next 11 days.  I sincerely hope my children don't drive them insane.  This morning I found Moyz hiding out in his room stuffing himself with a package of crackers he filched out of the pantry.  Kembia is going through a phase where if she doesn't get what she wants she will throw herself on the floor and cry, Truitt crawls all over the place, his favorite being the bathroom, royal yuck, and of course Ava and Owen spend a good chunk of time being annoyed and sassing one another.

Probably when I return the twins will be speaking in complete sentences, Truitt will have learned to walk, Ava will be shaving her armpits and Owen will be 5 feet tall.  I hate how grown up the kids always seem when you are gone for awhile.  Hate is maybe a strong word, but it just seems crazy that if you go away for a little bit you come back to kids who have miraculously aged.

Okay, I hear screaming and I really must finish all my crap....  I am going to try and have some posts done while I am gone if I can figure out how to do that!

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