Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Confessions of a Mother of 5

I am quickly learning that the more kids you have the lower your standards get.  Here is a list for your enjoyment.

PS- It's all true

1. Truitt has 6 pacifiers, I know where 2 of them are.  I am buying more today because it easier to buy them then find them in our house.

2. I consider pool and sprinkler time equivalent to a bath.

3. We brush their teeth only a couple times a week.  It's a major fight.  So I am saving it for when I can reason with them.  Which will probably be in a couple years. And if they get cavities, well that's what adult teeth are for.

4.  I have squeezed Moyz's butt into a size 4 (he's a 6) and wrapped Truitt up in a 6 which is like a blanket for him because I was too lazy to go and find the right size diaper.

5. On days when my kids have eaten nothing but crackers and bread I tell myself it's okay because they take a multi-vitamin.

6. I paint my boys' toenails.  They love it, and I feel bad that there are 8 million pretty colors for girls and they get zero.  It drives Chris crazy.  Also part of why I do it.

7. Kembia has about 12 pairs of size 5 shoes.  She's a 4 and has exactly one pair of size 4s.  I refuse to buy any more and am instead waiting for her feet to grow because I can't justify buying shoes when she has so many in the next size.

8. I keep buying Owen shirts at garage sales (fancy ones that we could never afford otherwise) because I felt like he didn't have any clothes, only to discover he now has 34 t-shirts.

9. I use Public Television to regain my sanity.  I love that Word World.  I would probably watch it if there were no kids home with me.

10. Two weeks ago I watched the entire season of Once Upon A Time in a week-  twenty-two episodes.  I am not 100% sure what my kids did during that time.  But hey, they are alive and not injured, good enough in my book!


  1. Love it...
    I make my kids brush their teeth in the shower. This momma is done wiping up tooth paste that's smeared everywhere.

  2. Number 3 makes me feel better! Teeth brushing is so not my favorite, and I genuinely forget to brush my little girls teeth at least every other day. Someday I will implement the brushing in the shower idea. It's perfect.
    The rest of your confessions are great also. :) This made me smile and laugh.