Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Coming Up Empty Handed

So back to Wyoming I went.  And we procured no deer. I basically tagged along with my brother and dad on their hunting trip.  I went to get away from my kids and have some peace and quiet.  I hunted for two days and then my cousin came and got me and we went to her vacation home in the Black Hills and did grown up things like visit a winery, which I have never done before, and ate in restaurants without the added chaos of kids.  It was great.  

I don't have very good pictures because my camera is crap, but I'll post the few good ones that I do have.

Groovy tree root

My dad overlooking the side of the mountain

I thought this tree bark was awesome, it grew wrapped around the tree, I am thinking possibly from the wind?

We drove up on a mountain path to this clearing where we pitched our tent

Dad and brother hiking on the mountain

It was a pretty fun break for me, even though everything I cooked gave us all gas, and even thought my brother and dad will give me crap forever after this because I abandoned them to go and do girly things with my cousin.  But I'll take it because it was a much needed trip.

Now I am back home adjusting to 5 kidlets again and wondering what in the heck did we do all day?

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