Monday, November 4, 2013

Statement Wall

Can you even imagine having one of these in your house?  I can't decide if I would head-over-heels love it, or get bored so fast.

How long do you think this would take?  A loooong time, but so worth it.  At least for awhile.

DIY Plank Statement Wall from Life Crafts & Whatever
Gorgeous.  Like a modern take on the old rustic cabin

Can you even imagine having your own wall of fresh herbs?  Love it.  Especially considering that herbs are like $3 for just a few snippets.  My kids would totally trash though.  And then I would cry.

Statement wall and gorgeous drawers
Love this in an all-white kitchen.  Maybe even in an all-white bedroom.

So what do you think- yes to the statement wall??

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