Friday, November 1, 2013

Your Stomach Will Thank You

While I am hoofing it in the Wyoming wilderness eating things like Ramen and oatmeal on repeat, I prepared this list of food-to-make-your-mouth-water that I am jealous of already by just putting it together. I already promised myself that after my wild-woman adventure I will come home and whip some, if not all, of these up.

1. Fire Broth Spicy Sausage Soup

If this doesn't say the perfect thing after a cold day, I don't know what does.

2.  Caramel Apple Tart

appletart Caramel Apple Tart

What to do with all those apples you and the kids picked...

3.  Pumpkin Scones

I attempted a different recipe that fell flat on its face.  But only because I didn't really know what a scone was supposed to look like.  But now I do, so yes to this please.

4.  Apple Cider Sangria

applecidersangria1 Apple Cider Sangria

Normally, I don't like oranges in my food or drink, but I am willing to give this a try for the sake of loving Sangria.

5.  Slow Cooker Coconut Hot Chocolate

Crockpot Coconut Hot Chocolate I

I've raved about this one before.  It should probably be made illegal.  It is that good and that bad for you.

6. Chocolate Pumpkin Truffles

Truffles always seem so time consuming.  But I really am going to have to give these a whirl.  I have tons of canned pumpkin in my pantry begging to be used for something, and this is a heck of a lot better than pumpkin pie!

Hope something speaks to you!

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