Friday, November 22, 2013

Things That Confuse Me

It's kind of been a long week.  Last night was the worst because Chris feels that Zeke's cage is too small (it isn't) and that it's a miserable place for him to be at night and that he is old enough to be out at night.  So I laid awake a lot thinking that my 100 lb., 6 month old Great Dane was probably wandering the house and peeing because he couldn't hold it over night.

He didn't pee, so all is good except the fact that I am uber tired.

This morning I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep so started flipping through an Elle Decor magazine.  It's kind of an odd magazine and not my favorite, and the one I accidentally renewed through 2016.  Oops.  Anyway, it led me to this post, for lack of anything better, about some recent things that I just don't understand.

1.  Jeff Koons

I don't get it.  People spend loads of money on this.  Giant balloon art has never appealed to me.

2.  Damien Hirst

Okay, to be fair, he has done some interesting things like putting sharks in glass boxes and some taxidermy stuff which I do find interesting, but a wall full of dots does not an art exhibit make.

3.  Any "art" that looks like my kids made, but my kids didn't


I don't understand this.  It's not something that makes me pause and wonder at the beauty of it, or the deeper hidden meaning.  I look at this and think it's ridiculous that someone would spend oodles of money on primary colored squares.

4.  Animal leg tables

In theory, you'd think I'd really like these since I do like taxidermy and animal stuff, but something about the stools or chairs where you just have legs gives me the creeps.  No thank you.

5.  Having your main "library" be on you kindle

Guys, I am really struggling with this whole kindle books thing.  On one hand I love that you can bring everything with you.  I really do.  On the other, I am such a tactical person that it drives me crazy to read books by flicking my finger and holding a piece of plastic.  I love, love the experience of books, turning the pages, tossing it on a table, the fact that I don't need to charge a book for fear that I can't access what's there.  And I have this bizarre fear that what if something happened to Amazon's cloud storage and I lost it all?  Then I would have paid all this money for books that literally disappeared in the great wide web.  I know, it is so irrational, but still.  Although, it is getting harder and harder to purchase a bound book when I can get it cheaper on kindle.  Although the flip side of that argument is why are kindle books still so expensive when all I am getting is words and not something tactically tangible?

Gotta go, Ava's alarm just went off, the day begins.

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