Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Resolutions

I may be setting myself up for failure, because I have some BIG goals for 2014.

We decided recently (over the course of several years) to make our family musical.  Cause it's just that easy right?!  Anyway, this week we finally put things into motion and we bought a digital piano and an acoustic guitar and are enrolling Ava into piano lessons, myself into guitar lessons and Owen into drum lessons.  The theory is that as I progress through guitar that I can then teach those after me when I get good.  And for all of those who are die-hard piano people, I know that the digital piano isn't the same, and yes her experience would be better on a real piano.  But we don't have the room in our small house for a real piano, but we can carry the digital one downstairs.  And let's face it, we are running on quite a small budget and there is no way that I am pumping money into something that may fizzle out in a year or two.  If she becomes amazing and has performance aspirations, then we will re-think the layout of our house and where our money is spent.

Owen will take drums hopefully by the young man at church who plays on our worship team.  I am going to try and learn piano at home while Ava does it because we cannot afford private lessons for both of us.  And then we'll pass it down and down and down.  I mean, if the Duggars can have their 19 kids all playing piano and violins I ought to be able to do it with 5...

Also, other resolutions are:

1.  Reading the Bible in one year
2.  Saving $5,000
3.  Going back to spending cash only
4.  Less time on the internet looking at design blogs and rotting my brain.  Hopefully, with all of our musical aspirations that will force me to you know, play guitar instead of hopping on the net.

And of course, eat healthier, lose weight and all that jazz

Should be easy, no??  I mean, it's not like I am asking for much!

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