Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to wreck a guitar real fast

After a fair amount of research, we ended up buying this guitar as a starter.

A Yamaha F335.  In case you really wanted to know the model.

Here's the thing about me and guitars.  I don't like the "regular" color.  Like the first one below.  I really like the black colored ones, but fingerprints on it would drive me nuts because it's all you notice.  Seriously, it is all I could see as I looked at a model that someone had just touched.  I had not idea I had such anal ideas when it comes to guitars.
Anyway, we had to wait a week for ours to come in, and it finally came last night.  To which I promptly took it out and felt like a moron because I had no idea what to do with it.  So of course, all the kids came running over expecting to be impressed, so I strummed it a little bit and all the littles oohed and ahhed.  But then, I was looking at the older two when I was strumming, and while I was doing that, little sneaky Kembia came up beside me and turned all of the tuners on the right side of the guitar.

Literally less than 5 minutes after we got it she un-tuned it.

We did buy a tuner, but no, we didn't think to have them show us how to use it.  And I swear it took me like half an hour to even tune it back to some type of normal after reading the directions. Although the first string is still out of tune if my ears are right and I can not for the life of me fix it.  And Chris brought the guitar home in the hard case he bought and left the box at the store, but we bought a warranty on it so now I am pretty sure without the box the warranty becomes a moot point.  Have to call today and hope that they didn't throw the box away or maybe have the option to return the warranty.

So, for exactly 1 hour into guitar ownership things are already a little stacked against us.  Perhaps my musical aspirations for the fam are slowly swirling down the toilet??  (Okay, that might be a bit dramatic, but you get my drift.)

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