Thursday, January 9, 2014


A friend gave me a cabinet that she was going to donate to good will, and I basically turned it into a curiosity cabinet.  It's placement in the living room required some changing of art on the wall, but I couldn't really find anything that made me get all excited.  I hadn't actively been looking to be totally fair.

And then I found these:

Panama Canal 1907 Panoramic Birds Eye View Map Print Poster
1. Panoramic of the Canal of Panama

1874 Panoramic Birds Eye View Map of Palm Beach Florida Print Poster
2. 1847 Panoramic of Florida 

I was flipping through the magazine Country Living, and one of the homes on display had a large map of a town.  In the back they show you how to do a similar idea but cheaper, and they had a map from the Etsy shop The Map Shop.

It is well known that I have a serious issue with maps, we have several awesome ones around the house so I hopped quick as a fly on over and started looking around.  Once I saw those two I just knew it.  

Now I am just waiting for them to get here!

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